Digital Marketing Specialist

Samana Group, 4th Floor Building 7 Bay Square, Business Bay 000 , United Arab Emirates
18/08/2021 13:53:53

Job Description

Job Description

Job title: Digital marketing specialist

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
 Coordinate and develop multimedia packages for the business growth of the organization
 Present workable recommendations to the marketing director of the organization
 Work along with the plans and aspirations of the communication department of the organization
 Understand the workings of AdWords’ programs and search engine optimization towards promoting appropriately the profit goal of the organization
 Maintain campaign reporting, metrics, and site analysis
 Manage the digital agency relationships of the organization
 Oversee day-to-day activities of company affiliates
 Plan and oversee execution of campaign schedules and budgets
 Lead management off the digital touch points of the organization
 Oversee the activities of the company’s landing pages on social media and their mobile application marketing.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in a field related to graphics. Diploma certificate is also acceptable
Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Digital Marketing Specialist Role
 Good command over Google Ads, Analytics, Market Research, SEO latest trends
 Possess good understanding of digital production and marketing strategies
 Possess proven experience in innovative digital campaign/Social media campaigns and effective service delivery
 Possess proven experience in digital assets delivery
 Ability to manage micro sites, social media applications, and online ads.
 Possess solid understanding of social media marketing and campaigning
 Ability to handle digital analysis and web metrics duties
 Ability to deliver on deadline

 Ability to multitask and to remain functional under intense pressure
 Possess very strong communication skills, both written and verbal
 Possess very strong skills in management and organization
 Possess proficiency in CSS, HTML 5, HTML, DreamWeaver, Framemaker, InDesign, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and lots more.